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Scotland – On the road to the isle of Skye

It was the long-awaited stopover “the Isle of Skye”, the one I dreamed of, so much I saw fabulous pictures of it. It only remained to hope that the weather was going to be good, and it was. The arrival on the island amazed us, the landscape was changing kilometer after kilometer, maybe the blue sky had something to do with that   Eilean Donan Castle Nestled on a rock right at the entrance of the Isle of Skye, this…

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Scotland – From loch Lomond to the Highlands

After discovering Edinburgh we are off to our road trip across Scotland. 7 days on the roads during when we are going to go through 3 mains areas: Loch Lomond, the Highlands and the Isle of Skye. After picking up the car, the adventure can now begin and what better start than driving on the wrong side of the road? We can’t wait to leave the city to enjoy the long-awaited change of scenery. For this second day we head…

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Edinburgh: One of the most beautiful European Capitals

During our Scottish road trip we spent a few days in the capital, Edinburgh. We visited many major European cities and we can say now without hesitation that Edinburgh ranks in our top 3. To summarize in one word: mesmerizing! Like everywhere, to explore you’ll have to walk, walk and still walk: 40km in 3 days. So if you are looking for what to do and see, here is our small selection.   Edinburgh Castle – Symbol of the City…

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Scotland – Travel Tips


Getting ready for Scotland wasn’t an easy thing to do as there is so many things to see! Lochs, mountains, castles (not all are haunted), national park without forgetting hundreds of islands. Don’t panic, we help you see clearer. We left 10 days, so we had some choices to made for this first visit in the Mackay Clan country.   Which island(s)? Unfortunately, we will not talk about the 790 islands that Scotland has, but the main islands. Each seems…

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