Scotland – From loch Lomond to the Highlands

After discovering Edinburgh we are off to our road trip across Scotland. 7 days on the roads during when we are going to go through 3 mains areas: Loch Lomond, the Highlands and the Isle of Skye.

After picking up the car, the adventure can now begin and what better start than driving on the wrong side of the road? We can’t wait to leave the city to enjoy the long-awaited change of scenery.

For this second day we head to our first stop: Loch Lomond, the largest lake in the UK.


Loch Lomond tour

Doune Castle

Doune CastleDoune castle

On the road we stopped at the Doune Castle, filming place that saw Monty Python, Outlander without forgetting the series Game of thrones.

To note:

The visit can take an hour, audio guides are available in several languages.

A pleasant walk along the river is possible behind the castle.


Ben A’an

Loch Lomond

It is surely the hike that offers the best (and highest) point of view on the loch, get ready for an ascent of 2km. The weather was not good, we had fog and rain when we reached the top but the good thing is that we probably avoid the crowd.

The panoramic view is breathtaking, not to mention the silence …. we did not imagine Scottish landscapes otherwise.


Duration : 2h

Length : 4km

Difficulty : 2/5

See the trail


Conic hill Balmaha

Conic Hill Balmaha Conic Hill Balmaha

After a good night we are off again for a second hike in the middle of loch Lomond “conical Balmaha hill”.

It’s more accessible and so more touristy, to not say “overcrowded”!

Still the landscapes are very nice and diverse: we go from a large forest to small meadows to end up attacking the peak. It is also the ideal place to have a picnic.


Duration : 2h

Length : 4km

Difficulty : 2/5

See the trail


Falls of Falloch

Falls of Falloch

On the way back to the cottage we passed north of the loch; here you can take a short break to see the Falls of Falloch, a small waterfall, nothing fancy but the place is pretty cool if you have 15 min.

See the trail

The night begins to fall, we must now return to our little cabin to spend the night before discover the famous “Highlands”. On the road, small wonders worth a visit, no an exact address, just open your eyes. We saw some lakes so peaceful that the landscape and the sky were reflected to perfection. Once again the travel proves that it is in the unforeseen that is the most beautiful surprises.

Around loch Lomond Around loch Lomond


Welcome to the Highlands

Another day begins under a foggy sky, but oddly that’s how we hoped to went through the Highlands… in this gloomy atmosphere. The pictures speak for themselves…

Scottish Highlands Scottish HighlandsScottish HighlandsGlencoe Valley


Three sisters

A typical view of the Highlands, the “three sisters” are simply 3 (very imposing) mountains next to each other. It is possible to stop right in front, you have a car park at the edge of the road, favorite photo spot of the tourists but for good reason … it is MARVELOUS!

Three sistersThree sisters

The timing of the road trip unfortunately does not allow us to spend a lot of time in this area. We mainly drove by making a few stops and this is where our biggest regret is.

We would have loved to get lost on the small trails that crossed the mountains, but that’s already planned for our next trip!


Glenfinnan Viaduct

Glenfinnan Viaduct Glenfinnan Viaduct

All Harry Potter fans know what it’s all about … the famous bridge over which the Hogwarts train pass!

Constructed entirely of concrete, the viaduct has 21 arches, with a span of 15 meters and a maximum height of 30 meters. It connects Fort William and Mallaig. You can park at the “visitor center” on your right, a few miles before the junction for the station, or a little further, it’s free!

Count about twenty minutes tops to go on the heights of the Viaduct. At the bottom of the Viaduct after having taken a large track you will find on your left a small gate that must be passed to access the view of the viaduct.

We didn’t had the chance to arrived in time to see the “Jacobite” steam train but here is more info on schedules if you want to get your chance : There are two Fort Williams – Mallaig departures by day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. The train passes the Viaduct about 30 minutes after leaving Fort Williams, around 10:45am and 3:00pm



See all times here


This is were ends our Loch Lomond and Highlands tour, we are now heading to the Isle of Skye …



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