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Iceland – Road trip part 4 – Reykjavik

Capital of Iceland, Reykjavik is gather almost two-thirds of the island’s population, so about 122,000 people. We don’t have a specific program, the city is quite small and we want to explore, without missing the essential of course!   Day 7 Hallgrímskirkja Known around the world for its original architecture, the Hallgrimskirkja church recalls the many basaltic columns that we crossed during our stay. It is one of the most famous monument in the city. You can, of course go inside…

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Iceland – Road trip Part 3 – South Coast

After the exploring west part of the island, the golden circle: let’s go now to the south coast of Iceland.   Day 4 That’s hell of a busy day : Visit to the Jökulsárlón Lagoon, Hike on the Skatafell Glacier and, finally, Hike to the Svartifoss waterfall. A little bit optimistic isn’t it ?   Jökulsárlón After 150 kilometers we finally arrived at Jökulsárlón lake, one most famous view of Iceland. Located at the south of the Vatnajökull Glacier, it…

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Iceland – Road trip part 2 – Golden Circle


Now we explored the northwest of the island let’s go to the golden circle which gathers 3 unmissable places, it is however the most tourist tour. The road once again amazes us, we go past huge lakes, sun is shining, we couldn’t hope better for this day.   Day 3 Þingvellir The tourist side of the place was confirmed the minute we arrived, after 2 days seen 150 sheep, 10 cars and 3 humans, transition is tough. Þingvellir literally means…

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Iceland – Road trip part 1 – West coast

After a short night on Reykjavik, the roadtrip starts directly in the northwest of iceland, not the most touristic part, which is a good thing ! The first kilometers out of the city are very exiting, the more we drive the less we cross cars … the famous yellow posts appear on each side of the road, the horizon emerges, the mountains are there… This time, this is it, Iceland here we are !   Day 1 Ytri Tunga Beach This…

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Iceland – Travel tips

Before ignored and considered as a hostile land, Iceland in a few years became THE trending destination for those who are looking for stunning scenery and adventure! Land of fire and ice, Iceland meets all the promises that you can hear and goes beyond what you imagine.   Best time to go Every season offers a lot of surprises but above all a radically different experience. What is the best season to go? Winter  Winter give you a shot of…

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