Iceland – Road trip part 4 – Reykjavik


Capital of Iceland, Reykjavik is gather almost two-thirds of the island’s population, so about 122,000 people.

We don’t have a specific program, the city is quite small and we want to explore, without missing the essential of course!


Day 7



Known around the world for its original architecture, the Hallgrimskirkja church recalls the many basaltic columns that we crossed during our stay.

It is one of the most famous monument in the city. You can, of course go inside and at the top to have a breathtaking view on the city.

Tips :

Opening :  Winter (october-april) : 9am – 4.30pm

Summer (may – september) : 9am – 9pm

Price : Adult : 1000 isk (8 euros)

Children (7-16 years old) : 100 isk (0,80 euros)



Sólfar (Sun voyager)

Located on the old port of the city, this sculpture is probably the most photographed monument of the city. It evokes the silhouette of a viking boat that goes down torwards the sun …



Street art !

Reykjavik’s streets are full of it : the walls, the shops, the doors … it’s everywhere you go!

In Iceland, Street art explores a mysterious universe, more poetic than in Europe. It has conquered the hearts of the people, the municipality but also the tourists. It’s now allowed, and street artists are even booked by the town and their citizen.

Street art Reykjavik

Street art Reykjavik

Street art Reykjavik


What if we end in a wonderful way our trip ?

After a long walk in the city, we decided to stop in a little cafe, just to warm up. We are slowly realizing that  the trip is going to be over soon. We talked about making a last thing if the weather would allowed us, but it is already a bit late … after checking fas the schedules on internet… 10 min! We can make it !

Here we are at the counter, last tickets in hand, we are leaving for our last Icelandic adventure … we are going to look for whales!


Tips :

Whale Watching – Specialtours : site internet

Price: 10000 isk (80euros) expensive but it worth it !

Whale watching schedule


3 hours cruise on the high seas (and I am seasick) begins, it is also the opportunity to see the coast from another angle.

After just half an hour, in a small bay, miracle happens, a whale and her baby are under our boat! Following, unforgettable moments. Judge for yourself …

Whale watching Whale watching Whale watching

C’est après cette belle expérience, que notre voyage en Islande s’achève, inutile de vous dire qu’on y retournera, il reste encore tout le nord et le centre de l’île à explorer !

That’s after this beautiful experience, that our trip to Iceland ends, of course we will comeback, there is still all the north and the center of the island to explore!



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