Iceland – Travel tips

Before ignored and considered as a hostile land, Iceland in a few years became THE trending destination for those who are looking for stunning scenery and adventure!

Land of fire and ice, Iceland meets all the promises that you can hear and goes beyond what you imagine.


Best time to go

Every season offers a lot of surprises but above all a radically different experience. What is the best season to go?



Winter give you a shot of check aurora borealis from your bucketlist

You can catch this beautiful show from end of october till end of march.

2016-2017 offered a stunning season so there is no reason that it is not going to be the same for 2018 !

Winter means also snow, beautiful white landscape, but that can make the road way more complicated, beware of snowstorms !

Most of the roads are closed, but you will be able to visit with no problem the golden circle (Þingvellir, Gullfoss, Geysir), and you’ll probably have access to the south of the island.


Spring/Summer :



Temperature is rising! (10 degrees, don’t to ask too much)

To me this period is the best to enjoy all the diversity of landscapes and colors that Iceland has to offer.

The roads are practicable, the sun shines (can even gives sunburn) wildlife (not sheep) and flora get out of their hibernation… but especially the days are long which can be a bit confusing at first.

For hikers prefer July / August, all roads are open, the night is almost inexistent and camping is way more enjoyable.

However, be careful to camp only in dedicated area, Icelanders are very very very respectful and careful with their environment and it is forbidden to camp in the nature.

If you want try camping, check this article, it explains all you have to know about camping in Iceland


Plan your trip


We traveled by transavia, from Paris (Orly), cheapest tickets we found, 200 euros with 10kg luggage + extra 20kg (32e per luggage) in may.

For those who want to go for a shorter trip, Iceland Air offers stop over tickets.

Meaning that if you go to the United States or Canada, You can stop there for free (up to 7 nights)

Click here to learn more 


How to move around ?

By car !

Renting is very easy in Iceland, and all rental companies offers you a ride from your guest house to the agency where you will be able to pick up your car. Just give them your address and timing. You can rent a car directly in airport or in Reykavik center.

If you have a late flight and the rental company is closed you can book a seat in a bus that will drop you at your guest house.

Don’t forget to book before you go to avoid the long queue when you land

Click here to book


Where should you stay ?

Even if Iceland is way more touristic than before, you won’t find hotel anywhere you go, mostly if you travel far from the golden circle. More commun way is to book a guest house, most of the time there is shared bathroom or kitchen. This is a nice way to travel, meet the population of iceland and also meet other travelers. You’ll find everything you need on Airbnb or

Few discounts :


-35e for your first booking on Airbnb by clicking here 

 -15 euros for each reservation on Booking by clicking here

Here is few addresses that you don’t want to miss ! Go quick, they are booked very fast !




How do i plan my trip ?

Now, you need to plan you trip ! Once you’ve made your todo list, you need to know how many km separate each of your destinations, in which city to book your hotel, let’s make it short… it can give you damn headache.

As a very connected person, i’ve been looking for a app that could buy me time and i found THE ONE ! It’s called travel sygic

App is accessible on laptop, but also on mobile and tablet. All, of course are perfectly synchronized

Road trip iceland

So what does it do?

  • It offers all points of interest and hotels
  • It tells you the regular time that people spend to each place
  • It calculates the kms between each stage
  • Tells you if your day is too busy
  • Make  you a beautiful map of your roadtrip
  • You can share the trip with friends and allow them to edit it
  • Or you can just share it by email or via social networks

If you download the gps « syndic gps » it will be automatically connected to your app and you’ll only have to click and it will guide you through your trip. Of course app works offline !

I you want to have a quick view of what it can look like that a look at my road trip

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